Product Empties #3

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A little review on the beauty bits I’ve finished lately.

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I’ll start with my favourite empty the Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion. This cream has a gradual self-tanner so I’m definitely going to be buying another one now that spring is on it’s way and I’m going to have to get my ghostly legs out. I’ve always been a bit skeptical of lotions that say that they’re self tanners, but this one really does create a subtle tan and a definite glow. It is also super moisturizing and smells so good.

Sticking with skincare is the Garnier Hydra Adapt – Hydra Match moisturizer. To be perfectly honest I’m not so convinced that this works. It is aimed at dry and dull skin, but it didn’t really do much for my skin in the way of hydration. However, it did feel nice to apply to the face and it had an enjoyable cooling effect as well as sinking in easily.

In terms of hand creams I’ve finished two recently. The Woolworth Vanilla and Brown Sugar hand and nail cream and the Olive Pomegranate hand and nail cream. Both of these were extremely moisturizing and smelled delicious. The Woolworths cream was particularly hydrating and had quite a thick consistency.

Moving on is the L’Oreal Nutrifier hair mask. As mentioned in other posts I have extremely dry hair, it’s also dyed blonde at the moment so I find it essential to treat my hair to a mask or leave in conditioner every so often. This one left my hair feeling silky and made it so easy to brush through.

The last empty is Avon Luck for her. This perfume smelled very sweet and fruity and was particularly good for the warmer months.

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