Glowing Skin For Winter

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned I have very dry skin and with the dryness of Joburg winter having moisturized, glowing skin is more of a struggle for me at the moment than ever before. However, there have been a few things I have been doing to try and make my skin look as glowing as possible so I thought I’d share them.

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To be honest I’ve tried a few different moisturizers but I always go back to good old Nivea. Super boring (I know), but it really does the trick. This is quite a heavy moisturizer and I would say it takes about twenty minutes to really absorb into the skin. I love using it right before foundation and that way I feel like it really creates a dewy look on the skin. I’ve also been loving this Dis-chem lip therapy to moisturize my lips. It has quite a neutral smell and isn’t too sticky but adds a nice layer of gloss to the lips.



The type of foundation you use also has a big effect on how glowy your skin appears, I’ve found recently that the foundations that I tend to use during Summer months when my skin is a bit less dry don’t always look as good in Winter. My go to has been the Rimmel Fresher Skin foundation. This foundation has a very light consistency and blends in very easily. It has quite a sheer coverage but has proved to be very build-able. I prefer a more natural look for foundation particularly during the day as my skin has not been great recently (sigh).  I just think that a natural foundation actually looks better than caking on base and making it obvious that you are trying to cover a break out. Also when you pack on base over a break out it can lead to dry and flaky patches ( I know it’s gross , but it’s true ) which I try and avoid at all costs. I’ve been using this Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfecter under eye concealer. I’m one of those people who always has bags under their eyes even when they’ve slept for ten hours. This concealer covers my under eye circles pretty well. It also applies very smoothly and has a roller ball on the end so that you can just apply it straight out of the tube which I find super convenient.

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Fake It

On those days when you’re skin just isn’t going to give you that radiant look you desire there is only one thing to do. Highlighter. Lots of it. I’ve only really been using highlighter for about a year now and it’s honestly changed the way my skin and makeup look for the better. There are loads more highlighters on the market than there were in the past and two of my favourites are from Essence. The first is the Essence lights of orient highlighter stick. Essence releases collections every so often and so this product is no longer available which sucks because mine is basically finished. I bought this in April and there was a good amount of product to it so the fact that it is finished speaks for itself. (I’m thinking about buying the Maybelline master strobing stick as a replacement.) This highlighter is just absolutely beautiful, it adds a great shimmer and is so easy to apply. It’s not a very subtle highlighter as it is quite glittery , but that doesn’t bother me. The other highlighter is part of this Light Up Your Face Luminizer palette. I think I must have owned this palette for about two months and as you can see I’ve already hit pan on the highlighter. It’s very possible that I might use a bit too much highlighter. Just kidding. I don’t think it’s possible to ever use enough. Anyways this highlighter is a bit more subtle and it has a slightly pinky, peachy tone to it which I think looks great. It’s very creamy, pigmented and blend-able.

Thanks for reading, hope this was somewhat helpful.



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