Best Autumn Nails

It’s not quite Autumn yet here, but I can definitely feel the weather starting to change and honestly I could not be more excited.So here are my favorite the nail vanishes for Autumn!


I’ll start off with this black color from Wet n’ Wild wild shine range called Black Creme. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with black and I paint my nails black even in Summer, but I think that the colder months are the best time to wear it. Wet n’ Wild do really good and really affordable nail vanishes. Two coats and it’s opaque and lasts for up to two or three days before chipping. I also love this dark pink  called Blazed color from Wet n’ wild. I think it’s a great way to wear pink even in the Autumn and Winter as it has a slightly orange and peachy tone to it.  The Essie Nail Vanish in Sable Collar is a beautiful brown- purple color . I really like this color because it’s so shiny and it seems to look different in different lights. What I’ve also noticed is that the more coats you paint, the more the purple comes through. Essie polishes are great and probably my favorite brand. They last way longer than the average nail polish before chipping.  Lastly is Sorbet Long wear in Cool Summer. This is a gorgeous orange-red color. I love orange but it’s definitely not a very wearable color, so this polish is ideal as it is slightly orange, but is so flattering! However, I’m a bit torn about Sorbet’s nail polish formulas. This one is so great, but the lighter colors tend to apply streaky and take so many layers to become opaque. Regardless I really love all of these colors and I’m sure I’ll be wearing them loads in the upcoming months.

Bambi ❤


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