Disappointing Foundations

I admit I am  slightly obsessed with foundation! I mean the importance is in the name itself- foundation the base for all of your other makeup. I find it so exciting to pick up a new one and discover how confident the right coverage can make you feel, but as we all know foundations can be tricky. Here is my review of two foundations, tried and tested by me.



Maybelline Super Stay 24hr foundation. I admit, I was looking for a new foundation and picked it because I heard really good things about it from a few beauty youtubers. It’s not the worst foundation I’ve ever used. It applies well, it has a great amount of coverage and it smooths out my skin like nothing else-seriously my pores practically disappear.I picked up the lightest shade 10 Ivory as I always do and when I apply it it matches my complexion well, but then it oxidizes and in under an hour my skin looks orange and muddy. Not to mention the dry patches and flaking skin ( sorry for the visual). I do have dry skin but no matter how much moisturizer I use before hand it always makes my skin look so dry! I am super disappointed ,  I’ve been retrying it over a few months hoping that it won’t have the same effect. Unfortunately it does. I’m torn between giving it away, throwing it out or buying something to mix with it, like a lighter foundation or something. Or just waiting to get that elusive tan (as if!) .


L’Oreal infallible stay fresh foundation is another product I’m unsure about. I bought it subsequent to buying the L’Oreal infallible pro-matte 24HR foundation which I had heard so many beauty bloggers rave about. I actually hated that foundation so much I passed it on to my mom. ( She also hated it!) So in comparison this one is much, much better. It has a really high coverage which is great, because my skin hasn’t been great lately. It is quite mattifying but isn’t drying which is perfect. However, the color is once again an issue. I have the lightest shade I could find 120 vanilla but it seems a bit too dark for me. Don’t get me wrong I am pale, but not the palest. All in all it’s worth keeping and I usually just stick to wearing it for nights out.

Bambi ❤


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