The Perfect Blow Dry

As a girl who blow dries her hair all the time, pretty much everyday, I’ve been through my fair share of hair products .So I thought I’d talk about my three favorites for the perfect blow dry.





I’ll start off with my absolute favorite which is the L’Oreal studio line Hot & Go. Typically I towel dry my hair, comb it through and then spray this all over my hair before picking up my hair dryer. I like that it’s a spray as it makes application very easy and it also means I don’t get the product all over my hands.  It’s meant to act as heat defense which always make me feel better about all the styling I put my hair through. Also it’s meant to make blow drying quicker and that it definitely does. When I use this I cut my dry time from about 20-25 down to 10-15 minutes which is amazing. It creates a smooth, quick and voluminous blow dry. The only negative about this product is the fact that it has a really horrible bitter smell, fortunately it doesn’t linger in my hair.


Next is the Matrix total results sleek blow down leave in cream. This is also meant specifically for blow dries. I also apply it to damp hair , but I usually only  apply it from about halfway to the ends of my hair. It’s consistency is creamy and not sticky but I still don’t like the feel of it on my hands. Out of all these products it leaves my hair feeling the softest and the smoothest. However it doesn’t seem to make a difference at all on my dry time but it does make up for it with the way it leaves my hair feeling and by the really sleek and straight blow dry it produces.


Lastly is the Redken Duo shield 07 protecting gel cream. This is meant for colored hair and obviously my hair is dyed at the moment. It’s meant to not only protect against heat but also to protect color vibrancy. I’m not sure how true that is because my hair is blonde so I feel like its quite difficult to notice if the color fades, but it is a great heat protector. It is a gel and because of that fact it is sticky, which does tend to annoy me when it’s all over my hands and I have to get up to wash them. Also I find that I have to comb my hair after I use it as it can stick strands together. As with the Matrix product I don’t apply it to my roots. However out of all the products here it adds the most volume and hold, it gives my hair so much body and the blow dry lasts for such a long time.

All of these products are so great and make such a difference to my hair!



4 thoughts on “The Perfect Blow Dry

  1. typicalteenager76 says:

    Honestly,I love taking care of my hair but I’m definitely a person that takes a lot of care when washing it,but not necessarily after so these tips and products are great for me! Definitely going to follow you,it’d mean a lot if you followed back x

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