Skincare Picks

First off happy New Year! To be very honest I always find January to be a difficult month. After all the build up and excitement from the holidays, January comes and it’s back to square one. You have to do it all over again. Plus you also have to deal with all the Christmas weight and the fact that you have definitely overspent. However on a more positive note it’s also a fresh start and gives you an opportunity  to correct all of the things you swore you wouldn’t do in December. Like spend too much time in the sun and in my case eat way too much chocolate. So here are my skincare favorites which have helped me get my skin back in check after December and ready for the year ahead.


Starting off with a cleanser is the Garnier Even and Matte Instant Radiance scrub. This is a great exfoliater that I use every second or third day. It has an absolutely amazing citrus scent. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and reduces my pore size. I follow this with the Justine balancing toning lotion. It leaves my skin with slight stinging sensation which is strangely satisfying. This step just helps prime my skin for makeup and moisturizer. I like to use the Justine Tissue oil a few nights a week before I go to sleep. I prefer to use it at night as it is an oil so it does tend to be a bit greasy. However I actually have very dry skin so it is a perfect match for me. It creates a great level of moisture in my skin which leaves it glowing but has never resulted in a breakout.


In terms of moisturizers I’ve been loving these two from Isabella Garcia. In the mornings I use the Super Defense Day Moisturizer. This is specifically good for dehydrated skin like mine and it contains SPF 15. I use this before applying my foundation and it helps to create a glowing and hydrated base. In the evenings I use the 3-in-1 Nourishing Night Cream which helps to add some moisture after my cleanse and is also light enough not to bother me when trying to get sleep. I’ve also been loving the Sorbet Smoothing Body Scrub. This smells so delicious and is just a really great exfoliater for the body. It has really helped me to get rid of rough skin and ingrown hairs.


Bambi ❤



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