Loves Lately #3

With 2016 coming closer and closer to ending here are some more great products that I’ve been loving!


Summer is definitely here in South Africa so an essential is a great body cream. The Body Shop’s body  butters are definitely some of the best creams I’ve tried. I’ve really been loving this Raspberry one that smells absolutely delicious. Another favorite is this So What perfume from Yardley. It has a really sweet and summery scent which is perfect for daily use. A foundation discovery has been the Garnier Miracle skin perfector BB cream. Honestly I think the idea of a BB cream is great but I’ve never really found one that works… until now that is. This BB cream creates a smooth and even look on my skin.It also provides a really great amount of coverage, actually even more coverage than some foundations I’ve used. The finish is Satin rather than dewy as with most BB creams which at the moment I’m really enjoying.


An eye makeup favorite has been the Rimmel Magnifeyes in Queen Of A Bronze Age. This was definitely an impulse purchase for me. I must have swatched it about three or four times in store on separate occasions before I actually gave in and bought it. Considering that it wasn’t too expensive and that I use it loads it was a good decision. It has an eye shadow stick on the one side and a kohl eyeliner on the other. The eye shadow is a brown and coppery glitter. It has really good pay off and is great to use all over the eye if you’re in a bit of a rush. It’s also great to use as a base for other eye shadows although it does tend to crease a bit. The eyeliner is what really drew me to this product. It is a really stunning gold glitter that I tend to use as an inner corner highlight. Keeping with eye makeup favorites is the Mega Protein Mascara from Wet n Wild. This is great for day time use as it creates definition without creating an unnatural look. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I love doing my eye makeup especially winged eyeliner. In my opinion Essence has some of the best liquid eyeliners that can even rival those of  some more expensive brands. The super fine eyeliner pen is no exception. It is affordably priced which is really attractive to me as a student and the formula is long lasting.  The color is jet black and the applicator is fine and narrow which makes for a great flick!





Last is a lip favorite which is the Maybelline Vivid Matte liquid lipstick in 05 Nude Flush. It’s a pretty nude pinky color and as the name suggests is a liquid lipstick with a matte finish. I think it looks great paired with a dark smokey eye, although the formula does not last as long as I’d expect it to. Also the packaging is stunning!



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