Best Winter Nails

To be honest there’s little that I enjoy about Winter. I far prefer the warm Summery months however there are a few things that allow me to dislike the cold a little less. Hot chocolate, boots, being fairly slack on the leg shaving and of course these nail vanishes.


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these shades lately. Although I would wear them all during the warmer months I think that they are the perfect colours to match a Winter’s outfit.

Maybelline’s vanish 33 Berry Jam is a stunning reddy-brown that applies smoothly and lasts for ages. Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in 800 Lick-0-Rich is another winner. It’s jet black in colour with a sugary or grainy texture. This is great for when you’re in a bit of a rush as any mistakes or smudges are disguised in the texture and one coat is pretty much all you need. The only issue with this is that because of it’s texture it is a bit more work to remove.DSC06698editedDSC06702edited

Another Maybelline favourite is the Color show vanish in 337 Black Magic. This is basically just a clear vanish with gorgeous bits of silver sequence that makes for a stunning accent nail. Next we have two Revlon polishes  (if you’ve read a few of my other posts I’m sure that you’ve gathered that I’m a Revlon fan). The first one is a bright classic red in 730 Valentine and the second is a shimmery grey-blue called Pop Star.

Bambi ❤


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