Product Empties #2

I’ve finished a few more beauty bits lately, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on them.


First off I have to say that I really enjoyed all of these products and I’m probably going to repurchase all of them in the future. I was so heartbroken when I finished The Revlon nail enamel in elegant, I mean I actually finished it. No it didn’t dry up or go clumpy like most of my other nail vanishes do before I throw them away. It’s the perfect nude colour and as I’ve said in many other posts I really like the formula of these polishes. To be honest now that I’m in uni and allowed to have my nails painted I’ve gotten really tired of fixing chips and keeping my nails looking decent.So I feel like nude and natural colours look so much better when they do chip (which this nail vanish only does after about a week) because it’s not that noticeable. I also finished up the Clearasil Daily clear skin perfecting wash which I really liked. It definitely made a noticeable difference to my skin, also it wasn’t too harsh on my skin which is good because my skin is quite dry and sensitive. Sticking with skin is the Rimmel Match perfection foundation. I did mention this in one of my loves lately posts, but again it’s just the perfect amount of coverage, it’s dewy, it looks natural and it smells like citrus.

The Clinique High Impact mascara was another product that I was sad to finish. It’s really a  great mascara that made my lashes look dark and thick and amazing. This is definitely one of the best mascaras I’ve tried and it also doesn’t smudge which is really crucial to me when looking for mascaras. I want my lashes to look great. I do not want to look like a panda or a twelve year old wearing too much eyeliner. Lastly I finished up The Body shops coconut shimmer body butter. Needless to say it smelled delicious and like coconut and was moisturizing. It also added a beautiful glow and shimmer to the skin which is perfect for summer. The only downside of it was that the glitter does transfer onto clothes, which to be honest didn’t really bug me but left my boyfriend unimpressed when it was all over his clothes.

Bambi ❤


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