Product Empties #1

I’m sure many people can relate to the dread that comes with finishing a product you’ve really been loving. I know I’ve felt like that lately, paired with the relief of finishing one that’s disappointing, so I thought I’d do a little review on the products I’ve recently used up.






This Argan oil conditioner is definitely something I’ll have to repurchase. It smells fantastic and really delivered on hydrating my extremely dry hair. After about a week of using this along with my normal shampoo I noticed results; my hair felt softer, looked shinier and was so much easier to style. Definitely a favorite!

The Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour foundation is another winner. Although it doesn’t last quite as long as it promises to, it does last a good few hours. It has a creamy texture which works well on my dehydrated skin and offers a great amount of coverage while still having a subtle and glowing look.

Johnson’s 3 in 1 makeup remover is yet another product I’ll have to repurchase. It just gets the job done and is gentle on the skin. It’s meant to tone, cleanse and moisturize, while I feel like it does make my skin feel super clean I still like to use other products in conjunction with it.

Furthermore I finished a perfume which is one of my least favorite things to finish. It always leaves me feeling slightly heartbroken especially when its a scent I’ve enjoyed and even more when it comes with a hefty price tag as most perfumes do. Yardley Ballet is a beautiful perfume with a floral scent- it smells quite a lot like jasmine ( which I love). It’s also reasonably priced and lasts very well.

Lastly I used up The Body Shops Banana shampoo. To be honest I wasn’t very Impressed with this product I also tried the matching conditioner which was equally unimpressive. I found that it didn’t do much for my hair in terms of hydration or shine. I think it might have just been a bad choice for my hair type ( which is dry) as it says it cleanses the hair so it might be a winner for oily hair, who knows? Although the scent of it was delicious ( I love bananas ) it was disappointing and definitely not something I’d repurchase.

Bambi ❤


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