Loving Lipgloss

I don’t know what it is but these past few weeks I’ve been ditching my normal love of matte lipsticks for the draw of sparkly and shiny gloss. Here are my two favorites.










Firstly I’ve been loving the Maybelline color sensational cream gloss in 560 Red Love. It’s a sparkly red color and although there is quite a lot of dispute over whether it’s okay to wear red lip gloss I think it is. It doesn’t come out as bright as it looks in the tube and is actually fairly pink looking. The gloss adds a bit of color to the lips without being as conspicuous as lipstick. I like to pat it into the lips so that its not too glossy and so that it lasts a bit longer. It’s a light formula that isn’t at all sticky, but is hydrating, also it has a pleasant fruity scent.

Another gloss I’ve been enjoying is the Loreal Paris glam shine 6hr volumizer in 404 everlasting melon. It’s a pretty coral shade that just adds a slight color and sparkle to the lips. It has kind of thick consistency ,but also isn’t sticky. I love the way it looks on and it has a minty scent. Its applicator is also really neat, it’s flat which makes applying the gloss super easy. Although lip glosses don’t last as long as lipsticks they are far easier to apply in fact you can do it without a mirror which makes them the best for when you’re in a bit of a rush.




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