Best High Coverage Foundation

I’m sure most women can sympathize with the fact that finding the right foundation is difficult. I mean how do you find one that is long lasting, but not too mattifying, high coverage, but not cakey. How do you find a base that covers all the bases? Well I think the Clinique continuous coverage foundation comes pretty close.






No kidding this foundation is pretty amazing, although to be honest it did intimidate me a bit on the first few uses. It’s really high coverage and quite thick, so naturally I was afraid I’d wind up looking like a cake….but I didn’t. It covered all my blemishes which was pretty great and it didn’t become dry and flaky as the day wore on. I think it’s pretty unique in the fact that it’s high coverage but has a glowing satin finish.

In addition it lasts for a really long time on the skin, applies smoothly and contains spf 15. I wear the shade 08 creamy glow and find it’s best to use with a beauty blender as I do like to blend quite a bit around the edges of my face to avoid tide marks. It really is my favourite foundation and nothing can compare to the way it makes my skin look. However because it’s so high coverage I don’t like to use it daily as it is heavy on the skin. That is the only criticism I can think of along with the fact that it is fairly expensive.



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