2016 Beauty Resolutions

We all have those little beauty shortcuts we like to take ,despite the fact that we know we’ll regret it come tomorrow. So in the spirit of the new year, changes, and self improvement I’ve decided to compile a list of all of my beauty resolutions.

  I will:

  1. No longer go to bed without cleaning my eye makeup off. Usually I’m fantastic at cleansing my face,but somehow I always wind up just leaving my eye makeup to run during my sleep and wakeup a panda.
  2. Wear SPF everyday. Yes, I might say that every year but I mean it this time. Especially in  the South African sun it’s important to protect your skin.
  3. Stop picking off my nail vanish. I know it’s so satisfying but results in my nails being weak and flaky, so this habit has to go.
  4. Attempt to go as many days a week as possible without wearing foundation.
  5. Get my skin routine perfect so the previous resolution is viable.
  6. Be more adventurous in terms of hair and makeup. Then maybe I won’t look exactly the same everyday and in every single instagram pic.
  7. Stop lying in bed on Saturday mornings with a magnifying mirror in hand while picking at my face and analysing my pores. All that this gets me is a red blotchy face for the weekend.
  8. Throw away old makeup. Goodbye empty mascaras and sparkly lip glosses.
  9. Read more about makeup brands and techniques to improve my beauty knowledge.
  10. Lastly, drink less coffee and more green tea.



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