My First Fake Tan

I’ve told myself that I should be more adventurous on the beauty front and so I was. Although fake tanning is the norm for some, with my pale skin and all the things that could go wrong I’ve always been sceptical. However I took the plunge and tried it and here’s what I found.



To be honest I was quite worried, but my envy over other peoples great summer tans and my lack thereof provided me with enough guts to try it. I started by applying a small amount to my legs and after that I was hooked. (My boyfriend even had to ban me for fear I would make myself into a carrot).I used Lancôme Sôleil flash bronzer and was pleasantly surprised . It applied easily and smoothly in a mousse form and provided a subtle yet sun kissed look. The only thing I didn’t like about this product was the smell, which was not enjoyable in the least. However that is a small price to pay for a great tan in under an hour.

Here are some of my tips for fake tanning

  1. First and foremost exfoliate. This is probably one of the most well known tips but I couldn’t leave it out because of it’s great importance.
  2. Shave before you apply it otherwise you’ll get rid of it when you do shave.
  3. Use gloves. I made the rookie mistake of ignoring this and all that got me was dirty looking palms.
  4. Less is more. Apply and rub in small amounts at a time to make sure your tan is even and that you’re not going too dark.
  5. Use natural light to make sure you’re happy with the colour of your tan before you add more.




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