A Post New Years Pick Me Up/ Pamper Essentials

It’s always lovely to have a bit of time to yourself especially when it’s to have a bit of a pamper.  After a week of Christmas eating and New Years Eve parties what better way is there to recharge than to have a cup of tea, light a candle, put a facemask on and mindlessly flick through a magazine.




To start off my pamper routine I take a bubble bath. I love using the comforter from Lush, like its name suggests it’s sweet scent, turning your bath water a pretty pink colour and creating bubbles really is comforting. I use Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean everyday cleanser to clean my skin and follow with applying Dirty works brightening mask( Which smells delicious like oranges:) ) I also like to use the body shops Satsuma body butter to moisturise with.

Additionally what’s a pamper routine without a manicure? So I follow by soaking my hands in the Simply Floral Rose gentle hand soak and then scrub them down with the nourishing hand scrub to get rid of dead skin and have them feeling super silky. I then use Nivea intense nourishing hand cream and finish off by painting my nails with Sally Hanson Sugar Coat in 800 Lick-O-Rich.




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